ESLint all the things!

ESlint is an awesome tool that allow us to keep a consistent code style across the code, enforce best practices and forbid dangerous patterns. It is usually used to lint JavaScript (or TypeScript) files, but it can do way more.

Its plugin system gives us lots of ways to extend eslint, not only by adding new rules but delegating part of the processing to other tools like Prettier, or even parse files other than JavaScript (for example, Markdown).

This allows eslint to act as the central tool to orchestrate code style, formatting and syntax verifications across all file types. This gives developer all the eslint capabilities, like an amazing IDE integration, being able to customize rules using .eslintrc files or overrides, apply auto-fixes...

In this series of post I'll explain how to configure ESLint to use Prettier, how to lint Markdown files (including code blocks!) and how to configure VSCode to better work with this setup.